Destination 101 Podcast

Take a ride with us on Highway 101, and discover Toastmasters clubs from Silicon to Surf, clustering along Highway 101 in California. Find out about District 101 news, tips and events, and hear from members and clubs.

Tune in to our bi-weekly podcast as we interview District leaders and members, and enjoy some D101 trivia along the way. You can listen on YouTube,, and Spotify (other channels coming soon).

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Listen In:

Episode 04: Birgit chats with Yifang, CGD about D101 membership

On this episode, Birgit Starmanns (District 101’s PR Manager) hosts Yifang Xu (District 101’s Club Growth Director), to discuss the importance of membership for Toastmasters clubs, skills that members can gain, plus Yifang shares the current District 101 membership incentive programs. We also ruminate on the New Year, and setting goals any time and not just on January 1. And see if you can spot all of the fun quotes about the New Year, ranging from a song, a poem, a movie, and several writers.  (runtime: 19:18)

Episode 03: Birgit and Rita chat about their personal stories 

This podcast differs from our standard format, and an interview turned into a conversation. Hear about the personal stories of Birgit Starmanns, DTM, Public Relations Manager, and Rita Barber, DTM, Past District Governor, focused on families – the real families, the chosen families, and the Toastmasters family. (runtime: 28:21)

Episode 02: Birgit Starmanns interviews Shyamala Sista

Birgit Starmanns (PR Manager) hosts our second-ever guest, Shyamala Sista (Program Growth Director) to talk about education and mentorship for Toastmasters and District 101 special programs. And we have included a little “holiday break.” (Runtime: 14:30)

Episode 01: Birgit Starmanns interviews Vaibhav Singh

Birgit Starmanns (PR Manager) hosts the inaugural guest, Vaibhav Singh (District Director) on the “State of the District” talk. We answer a few member questions, and give you a little “trivia break” about the history of our name! (Run time 19:00)